The Future of Art Is Interactive? Superblue in Miami

Please Touch the Art Superblue in Miami When historians write the next chapter in the story of art, you just had to be there when it happened. The recently opened Superblue exhibit in Miami’s Allapattah arts district demonstrates the trending power of experiential art. The show features work from the legendary James Turrell, the Japanese … Read more

Now Showing on HV: THE GROOMSMAN

Hieronyvision is proud to present a new original series from Featured Member Nick Hansen. Always the groomsman. Never the man. Will Knight is the perpetual groomsman. He has been standing by the lucky guy’s side in every one of his friends and family’s weddings. Over 15… not that anyone’s counting or anything. Can Will finally … Read more

Paul Simon | Dick Cavett • Creating a Classic “On the Spot”

How does one of the greatest, most memorable pop/folk songs ever recorded come to life? Apparently off the top of the head. In this vintage interview with Dick Cavett and Paul Simon, the legendary singer-songwriter describes the process behind composing “Mrs. Robinson” (with a heartwarming but humorous apology to the real-life Mr. Robinson, Mel Brooks). … Read more

Digital Girls in a Material World | The Love & Sex Project

Everything is for sale on the internet if you look in the right places, and love is no exception. Thanks to algorithms and dating apps, the “shop ‘til you drop” approach to romance has only tightened its stranglehold on modern society. Still, there’s something that’s disheartening – pun intended – if not deeply disturbing about … Read more

Ruth Asawa’s Wire Wonders

For Ruth Asawa, the materials were the message. Her hanging biomorphic wire sculptures represent the most visionary breakthrough in the history of modern sculpture. They were such a brilliant piece of experimentation that the Japanese-Amereican artist initially had to defend their categorization as sculptures to museums and galleries. In her own lifetime, Asawa achieved reasonable … Read more

Remembering Norman Lloyd

Last week, we said goodbye to the oldest working actor in Hollywood. The legendary Norman Lloyd worked with everyone from Alfred Hitchcock to Judd Apatow. He was a charter member of Orson Welles’s Mercury Theater. Yet his experience provided him with a wealth of stories and the wisdom of experience. His professional career extended across … Read more

Welcome to the New HV!

If you’re a returning member or have ever visited our site before, you may have noticed a few changes around here. Don’t worry. All the old familiar content you loved is still around. It just might be in a different category. For starters, the Garden, this section, is now the official HV blog. It’s the … Read more

The Resurrection of Independent Arts

The great shame of the digital age: true independence and authentic community are becoming relics of an analog past. This is especially true for artists, as those pockets of culture, conversation and, by necessity, commerce that serve as beacons for the creative class had already begun to wither away before the coronavirus deemed them extinct. Somehow, in the name of saving civilization, it’s always … Read more

Who Is the Gardener?

Careful readers may notice that they are in the Garden. Many of these featured posts are authored by the Gardener. So who exactly is the Gardener? So have you figured out who the %&#! the Gardener is? Let us know!

Dear Instagram: U Suck

PROVOKE! Hey Instagram. We knew you’d shut us down. Even though we went out of our way to follow your written guidelines, as well as the shit you don’t mention but still enforce. We didn’t post any nude pictures, impersonate someone else or spread hate filled lies. Still, we knew you’d shut us down. See, … Read more

Free Stuff = Good (& Learn to Make)

So you like free stuff? Of course you do! That’s probably why you’re digging around in the Garden. We get it. Free is awesome. However, the Garden is the only free section of HV. At least from a monetary perspective. If you’re looking for something else that’s free… Meet our sister site: WatchMeetMake. It’s great … Read more

The Music “Industry”

As part of the new and improved MUSIC section, we’ve added a new category: THE INDUSTRY. This section moves beyond individual artists to take a holistic look at music: how we make it, why we like it, how it transforms our culture. Features in this section will explore issues of cultural appropriation in hip-hop: Articles … Read more

The French New Wave Goes Viral

INSPIRE! Whether you’re a film snob, a digital native, or just a good old fashioned troll, you might as well get ready to hit the thumbs down icon, because today we’re going to compare the French New Wave, cinema’s most well-known and artistically significant movement, to YouTube. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. And no, … Read more

ART FARTS: Coming Soon

ENTERTAIN: As part of our new relaunch, HV will be premiering new content. One of our new shows is a series of animated shorts that reinterpret classic paintings in interesting, amusing and offbeat ways. Because we’re classy, we’re calling it ART FARTS. Stay tuned for more!