Robert Morse in The Loved One

The great comedic actor Robert Morse passed away this week. He was best known for his work on Broadway and roles in prestige television like Mad Men and American Crime Story. However, his singular role as a leading man in the oddball cult comedy The Loved One. Which is also the greatest movie about the American way of death.

The very American actor plays Dennis Barlow, a young Brit in Los Angeles who’s forced to work at a pet cemetery after his Hollywood plans derail. Perhaps most interestingly, Morse had to re-record every line of dialogue in London due to his fluctuating accent work. Even the English director of the film didn’t notice he would slip into a Massachusetts brogue. (Gus Greene’s review explains some of the madness surrounding the production). At least he got to meet the Beatles! In this Q&A retrospective with co-star Anjanette Comer and cinematographer Haskell Wexler he challenges the film’s fans to notice that they looped in all his lines.

For anyone looking for an unconventional way to remember this unique talent, The Loved One is a cult classic fully earning its status.


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