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Watch movies that Provoke Inspire Entertain

Award-winning independent films, original series, shorts and MORE. Movie lovers can watch cult favorites and discover new emerging voices, all from a highly curated selection of titles. Step into the filmmaking process by checking out behind-the-scenes content, retrospectives on controversial classics, and cinephile reviews of little known gems.

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Discover the music of today and tomorrow

Whether you’re a music lover, music maker, or both, let HV become your hub for inspiration. Enjoy curated playlists, music videos and live performances. HV features a selection of emerging performers across different genres. Fans of vintage music can also read pieces on overlooked artists and underrated sounds from the past.

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From Painting to Pixels to Poetry…

Expand your idea of what art can be. Experience new work and interviews with members of our artist community, and new perspectives on the old masters. We cover everything from painting, photography, written word, sculpture, and other media, diving into the question of what ART means to different creators today.

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Whether you need a creative fix, enjoy connecting with other artists, or want to showcase your work, our HV community provides a space to explore new ideas beyond traditional social media. We’re a hub for filmmakers, musicians, painters, photographers, authors, poets, or whatever you want to call yourself. Come join in, and find your niche of like-minded creatives.


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What is Hieronvyision?

a) a place to explore independent movies, music and art
b) a community for artists and art-lovers to meet, create and share
c) a streaming platform
d) a production entity
e) a distributor
f) a talent incubator
g) all of the above (CORRECT ANSWER!)

Why is it so cheap?

It's priced for artists. Our motto: culture for less less than a cup of coffee.

What's on HV?

MOVIES: films, original series, shorts, reviews and How To's MUSIC: music / profiles on new artists, reviews, deeper dives on legends ART: sections on painting, photography, sculpture, poetry and MORE We feature works from our community and artists that inspire, provoke and entertain us.

How does a Hieronyvision subscription work?

For $1.99 you can simply join and enjoy the films, music, galleries, profiles, and essays - OR - you can get more involved and work towards becoming a FEATURED MEMBER of our Community to collaborate on productions with other members or our originals.

Why is it called Hieronyvision?

We live in wild times! 500 years ago, the Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch, our namesake and unofficial patron saint, had a uniquely skewed vision of the world. It was perfectly fitting for a time of GREAT change, just like ours now. If it's too hard to pronounce, just call it HV, like we do.

Is there anything FREE?!

Yes! There's a free 24 trial to most content. Also our Blog THE GARDEN is free and some HV originals will release on our social media platforms (see links below).

What do you mean by interactive?

Great question! Everything we post on HV intended to start a conversation. We want to hear from you, and not just in the comment boxes. Our platform features multiple ways to connect with other members and suggest ideas for content you want to see. Community members who have been active participants for 6 months in good standing, can be invited to submit user-generated and enhanced content and possibly become featured members.

Does HV have Affiliate Sales?

Yes. Currently HV is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As an Amazon Associate, Hieronyvision earns revenue from qualifying purchases on the Store page. Soon we will be featuring more affiliate partnerships and also self-fufill selected store items.

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