Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Hieronvyision? 


A: As it says on our homepage, Hieronyvision is the channel alternative. Our unique web platform combines multi-media features from streaming video services, art galleries, literary journals, interactive forums, even DIY ‘zines to make it a one-of-a-kind destination for the digital arts. 


Q: What type of content will I find on the site?


A: Hieronyvision is a member-supported platform for cutting edge video content and the arts. Premium members have access to such content as our groundbreaking web series set in the adult film community or our documentary programs exploring the nature of love and sexuality. In addition, you can find experimental artwork, offbeat poetry, provocative stories, new takes on vintage works and artists, articles that challenge established opinions, and any random ass cool shit we find. We also have a small library of independent film titles.  


Q: Is the website the only place to find content? 


A: We do publish select materials on social media and other public forums. In addition, some free features and sections of our website are open to social members. 


Q: Why is it called Hieronyvision? 


A: The Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch is the namesake and unofficial patron saint of this site. Bosch had a uniquely skewed vision of the world, which serves as our main guiding principle for all the creative works on this platform.


To learn more, check out our introductory essay on the man himself.


Q: What do you mean by interactive?


A: Great question! Everything we post here is intended to start a conversation. In fact, we want to hear from you, and not just in the comment boxes. This platform features multiple ways to connect with other members as well as to suggest ideas for content you want to see. Premium members who have been active for 3 months and are in good standing can be invited to submit some user-generated and enhanced content and possibly become featured members.


Q: How does a Hieronyvision subscription work? 


A: For $1.99 each month, Hieronyvision members will have access to all the content hosted on this site. That’s about the price of a cup of coffee in a diner, and arguably we have a better refill policy because you can take this subscription with you anywhere you go! Membership includes everything from Hieronyvision’s original series, new art and literary works to the independent film library that includes overlooked features from Patton Oswalt and Maggie Gyllenhaal and other intriguing artists and performers. Members will also be able to access certain expanded features of the site and special events.


Q: Can non-members view anything on the site? 


A: Yes, we’re not barbarians. Non-premium subscribers and social members will be able to view certain sections and material, as well as all the trailers and some short form video content. The Garden also features new perspectives on works in the public domain from old masters like Edgar Allan Poe and Gustav Klimt. 


Q: Does Hieronyvision have Affiliate Sales?


A: Yes. Hieronyvision is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

As an Amazon Associate, Hieronyvision earns revenue from qualifying purchases on the Store page.

Unless otherwise noted, all products on the store are third party at this time.

Q: Does Hieronyvision have Affiliate Sales?

A: Yes, if you encounter a problem on our site or with our billing, please email: office@hieronyvision.com