About Us


So what is HV and how does it work?

HV is an online creative hub for independent movies, music and art, like all those neighborhood cinemas, record shops, galleries and bookstores we love. It’s designed for anyone looking to discover new content and an arts community.

We’re part streaming platform, community space, talent incubator, production entity, distributor… and much more. It’s where artists can meet, create, share, discover and be discovered. 

For aspiring storytellers, we also work with a FREE online film school! At WATCH MEET MAKE you can hone your craft or learn to become one of our creators. 

Most importantly, HV is created by filmmakers, writers, musicians and artists. That’s why membership is priced for artists. We don’t believe in pretending to be free like those social media platforms mining your data for dollars. We do believe culture should cost less than a cup of coffee.

Find out more about our HV MISSION and support the truly independent arts!

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