This Black Friday, Support the Independent Arts!

No deals on cheap, disposable goods here. Why not?

Because for $2/month (or $20/year if you REALLY like savings) you can join HV and help keep the small, independent arts alive. A membership includes access to all our EXCLUSIVE CONTENT, including original films, series, and featured members’ work. It also features additional benefits like invitations to live and streaming events, sneak peeks at our upcoming projects, and opportunities to connect with rising and overlooked artists.

Here are some things that cost about as much as an HV membership:

A good cappuccino probably goes for a bit more..
We may need to check the exchange rate…
Ok, colorful pencils are pretty damn awesome…

Anyway, we get it. You might need to buy some things this weekend. With all those great savings, you’ll still have some leftovers to become a member of a small indie arts site with community of film, music, and art lovers and artists, musicians, and storytellers.

And if you’re really in need of some cool stuff, HV also has an affiliate store of art-related items we curate just for our members!

Image Credits

Colour by 506967 from Pixabay

Coffee Cup by gadost0 from Pixabay

Toothpaste by schucke from Pixabay

Image by Hebi B. from Pixabay


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