Laura Hipke Paints Her Subconscious

Did you know Laura Hipke has essentially no formal arts training? Although the painter and HV Featured Member grew up in an artistic household—both her parents were artists—she rejected a standard arts education. Her aim is to present a vision of unfiltered creativity, directly from her unconscious mind. In her work, Hipke uses a unique painting process. She erases, scrubs and paints over the canvas to convey the sense of time’s passage. The result is her signature style with elements of Neo-Expressionism and Surrealism.

The painting in the center is titled “Self Portrait In The Yellow Coat”; the painting next to it is a portrait of Shane Guffogg, Hipke’s friend and the host of The Art of Art on HV. For more about Hipke and her creative process, watch Episode 2 of the show available now EXCLUSIVELY ON HV!