HVlloween Classic: Hitchcock’s Tricks

Happy Halloween from the entire team at HV! Our annual tradition is to dig into our archives to offer our fans a special treat. This year, we’re breaking out the good candy. The late, great character actor and director Norman Lloyd talks about his friend and collaborator Alfred Hitchcock. It turns out that Hitchcock’s wicked sense of humor wasn’t just on screens. His films often featured moments of dark comedy to break the tension, and his on-screen persona had a famously morbid wit. However, that may have just been who the guy was, according to someone who knew him pretty well.

Hungry for more? A new video essay is available on HV breaking down how Hitchcock balanced tension and jump scares to define cinematic suspense. It’s a must watch for any aspiring filmmaker or fan of classic films.

As an added bonus, you can also check out more of our friend Norman Lloyd’s inimitable sense of wit, wisdom, and storytelling.