The Music “Industry”

As part of the new and improved MUSIC section, we’ve added a new category: THE INDUSTRY.

This section moves beyond individual artists to take a holistic look at music: how we make it, why we like it, how it transforms our culture.

Features in this section will explore issues of cultural appropriation in hip-hop:

Hip hop is everywhere. Indeed, hip hop has transcended music. It has affected not only the record label industry but fashion, clothing, and beauty industries globally. So what exactly is hip hop? More importantly, is it a stolen cultural artifact?

Articles may also break down trends in record contracts:

In the music industry, the basic relationship between the artist and label is a contractual one. The label’s focus lies in the creation and success of records and not necessarily the artist, but though of course these two are linked. The job of the record label is to pay the artist an advance in order to record music and in exchange they it will get a cut of the monies earned as well as the advantage of owning the masters of those recordings. So, as it’sits name would suggest, the standard recording contract has a few customary clauses that every artist must consider when signing the deal.

Certain essays may even dive deep into music theory and cognitive science:

Why does music have such an impact on our emotions? One potential theory is that the emotional effect music can have on people is so essential to humans that life simply would not be the same without it. In fact, more recent research supports the idea that music can induce actual emotions in a listener. So the question is not really if music creates emotion in a listener but how. While there are several theoretical frameworks that might explain this, one theory offers a more compelling answer than the others: musical expectancy.

There will also be other features, such as curated how to videos for musicians, whether you’re aspiring or advanced. Right now, HV Music Industry is a work in progress. Check back for new updates to this section of the site!