How It Works

What do I get for my membership? And how can I do more with HV and other community members?

What do you want?


I want to watch great movies, find new music, check out cool art. I like attending live events and talking to emerging artists.


I want to work with other artists on projects or on HV originals. I would want my work featured in HV events and content.

Why Not Both?

I enjoy movies, music, and art… and may want to try making my own some time.

Follow the steps below…

HV Arts Member

  • Enjoy ALL HV Content
  • Movies • Music • Art
  • Live Events

How do I become an ARTS MEMBER?

Good news! If you’re here, you already are one.

What do I get?

  • MOVIES Streaming hard to find films, series, shorts and EXCLUSIVE ORIGINAL CONTENT
  • MUSIC Listen, discover new artists, reviews, industry insights
  • ART Discover or learn more on painters, sculptors, photographers and writers.
  • LIVE EVENTS Attend members only arts events with FREE food and drinks

HV Featured Member

  • For Creators
  • Invitation Only*
  • Featured Page
  • Collaboration
  • Gear Rentals
  • Tip Jar

How do I become a FEATURED MEMBER?

  • 6 months of Arts Membership showing a commitment to the HV Mission (see link)
  • Any Arts Member who meets these requirements can request Featured Member status
  • Invitation from 2 current Featured Members

What do I get?

  • All the benefits of Arts Membership and…
  • Profile page featuring past work, current and upcoming projects
  • Tip Jar allows you to earn $$ from fans (HV takes no cut)
  • HV promotes you and your work on the site and our social media
  • Attend all our Live Events with a Guest