BoschBot is Still the Best Thing on Twitter

The BoschBot concept is simple: the account randomly selects and then tweets out a detail image from The Garden of Earthly Delights or The Temptation of St. Anthony (i.e. the birthplace of everyone’s favorite demon bird Max Bosch) throughout the course of a day. That’s it. Considering HV is an online arts channel inspired by Bosch, the Gardener and crew are not not jealous.

The idea, like seemingly all brilliant web innovations, started on a whim and a fancy. A few lines of code, BoschBot was born.

Over 60,000 followers and likely many more casual clicks later, BoschBot speaks to our continuing fascination with the Dutch master’s work. Again, we named our site after him. NOT Hieronymus Cock.

For more about why BoschBot continues to be the best thing on the Internet, read the full story at HV!