HV Live: The Art of Art Screening

This week, HieronyVision hosted a special sneak preview of upcoming episodes of The Art of Art. The event took place in an intimate brick-and-mortar pop-up site in Los Angeles, with special invitations going out to HV Artist Members and The Art of Art series contributors. The new episodes featured intimate conversations with painter Michael Rosenfeld, dancer Mpambo Wina, painter Vonn Sumner, and Luke and Holly Rothschild of the multimedia performance ensemble String Theory.

Rosenfeld and Wina were in the audience for the premiere of their episodes, along with host Shane Guffogg and painter Mark Acetelli, who was the focus of a past episode of the series. Several paintings by Rosenfeld, Guffogg, Sumner, and Acetelli were “on loan” on the walls of the space, creating an immersive environment for the screening.

After the episodes, Guffogg and HV founder Felix Werner hosted an entertaining Q+A session with Rosenfeld, Wina, and Acetelli. The conversation ranged from the genesis and future of the series to the state of contemporary art. The candid, sometimes freewheeling responses from the artists offered a mix of amusing personal stories and insightful advice for young artists.   

We were also happy to welcome other Artist Members to the special event. Eden De Jesus, who was selected for the inaugural HV Film Incubator program, flew in from Chicago to attend the screening. Writer/director Tivoli Silas also joined the festivities, allowing for some our 30×30 winners to meet up in person. Curator Victoria Chapman of VC Projects, actress Alexandra Werner, and filmmakers Adam D-F and James Fields were also present for the exclusive sneak peak.

At HV, our mission aims to bring artists together in a new creative ecosystem. Live events celebrating the spirit of creativity and collaboration play an important role in this community. We believe series like The Art of Art can both inspire and entertain, while lively in person discussions can lead to provocative new ideas in the arts. For access to exclusive events like this and all present and future episodes of the series, sign up to be a member of the HV Community for the cost of a cup of coffee!