Jack English: Two Hollywood Stories

The evocative portrait photography of Jack English is a study in contrast. English works in two artistic modes. In the first, he captures cinematic portraits of the incredibly famous, intimate images of legendary rock stars and award-winning actors. His journey to this path is almost a movie script in its own right. Chance encounters with jazz legend Chet Baker and the one-and-only Andy Warhol. Accompanying Eric Clapton on tour. Then the first of many projects with Gary Oldman, who becomes both a creative collaborator and type of muse. Classic Hollywood, right down to the influence of Alfred Hitchcock and Orson Welles in his style.

Gary Oldman. Photo by Jack English

The late Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones. Photo by Jack English.

In his other artistic approach, he focuses on the unrecognizable and the marginalized. Since 2008, English has photographed the residents of Skid Row in Los Angeles. It’s distinct from his other work both in subject matter and style. The stunning series often bursts with color and light. The city’s backdrop as an architectural framing. Perhaps most strikingly, English presents his subjects with the same grace and humanity as the privileged and famous.

The HV team was fortunate enough to spend some time with Jack and learn about his work and process. To watch the full documentary EXCLUSIVELY on HV, visit Jack English’s Featured Member page.