Storytelling in the Age of Social Media

Okay, maybe we’re becoming a bit death obsessed at HieronyVision. This week, we’re talking about the death of storytelling. At least it’s not a literal death? In the new piece out this week, our brother from another mother Max Bosch examines the detrimental effects of social media on storytelling. Spoiler alert: he basically says that social media has killed storytelling.

The rise of unending streams of algorithm-driven content has eroded the core concepts of story. Plot, character, and catharsis have given way to promotion, branding, and metrics. The end goal of all content now is not to enlighten or entertain but to sell. And sell what, exactly? A product, a company, a brand. Or even ourselves. If you’re still not convinced, ask yourself when was the last time you had an authentic emotional connection to anything on your feed.  

It’s a provocative take that builds on other critiques of social media culture (including ours) while exploring new ground. At this point, pointing out why social media sucks feels a little like tilting at windmills. Of course, our marketing department will undoubtedly have to promote this piece on at least one of the main platforms. Maybe that’s even how you found your way here. It’s not going to be easy to find our way out of this mess. It also explains why any time a new movie or TV show doesn’t totally suck we treat it like the second coming of Citizen Kane or The Wire. Or why books that feel explicitly written to become movies or prestige television get treated like literary masterpieces.