Forgotten Film Fridays

Starting in July, HV presents a regular look back at some films that have faded from our cultural consciousness. This isn’t your typical movie recommendation. Though we think every film in this series has some value. So we’re setting out some ground rules.

What Makes a Forgotten Film?

Like all descriptions of art, forgotten films may seem a little subjective. How many people actually have to remember a film to fit the category? Or does it count if we vaguely remember the movie but haven’t thought a lot about it recently? How well-known would a movie have to be at the time of release for it to later be forgotten?

These are all great questions. Certainly, there are more. The basic idea is that these were films that drew some interest when they were released. They probably weren’t blockbusters, but people saw them or at least talked about them. Though maybe there are a few big hits from the 80’s or 90’s that people don’t remember. Honestly, we’ll probably take a whack-a-mole approach to dealing with most of these issues.

We may occasionally post our recommendations here on the Garden. The full series is only available on HV!