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Victoria Chapman never intended to become an art influencer.
Victoria Chapman in front of Shane Guffogg’s, Back to Front and Back Again, oil on canvas, 1989.
Photo by Brayden Bugazzi

At least not in this way. After almost 30 years working in different capacities in the museum and gallery scenes of Boston, London and Southern California, she opened VC Projects in 2014 with the idea of assisting both artists and curators. For the most part, it was a practical step for Chapman, combining her passion for the contemporary art world with her knowledge and experience. The business side of art can prove to be a labyrinth. Many artists, not to mention a few curators, tend to lack the organizational skills needed to navigate the writing of grant proposals or the logistics of an overseas installation. VC Projects would assist with all that, offering a host of artist advisory services that included social media outreach. With the launch of IGTV in 2018, this also expanded into special projects for the new video platform.

As a natural evolution of the work she was already doing, Chapman herself began to stream interactions she had with artists, collectors, gallerists and curators on IGTV. Inside the Studio offers exactly what it promises, an intimate look at the lives and work environments of artists. Freed from the confines of traditional formats, Chapman takes her followers around the globe to have inspiring, interactive conversations with some of today’s most original artists working in various media. Similarly, Collecting Art lets Chapman demystify the opaque world of collection through one-on-one chats with art professionals who have an authentic passion for works beyond their price value or the signature on the canvas.

Yet it just so happened that 2020 was the year Chapman’s social media side projects were starting to gain traction. When the global pandemic hit, she realized artists would be among the most affected, and possibly overlooked, in the indefinite state of lockdown. She created the Artists in Isolation series to shine a spotlight on how artists and creative professionals are dealing with this unique historical moment. As it was before life shut down, Chapman’s innate grasp of social media’s role in the art world continues to serve as an invaluable resource. In the meantime, Chapman will continue to connect audiences with artists in innovative and more traditional ways. In September 2020, VC Projects plans to present a pop-up exhibition with Maiden LA titled Agent of Ordinary Pleasures featuring works by artists like Brandy Eve Allen, Nils Benson, Shirin Bolourchi, Yuri Boyko, Shane Guffogg, Michael Lindsay-Hogg, Martyn Thompson, Julio Panisello-Huguet, Randi Matushevitz, Erica Shires and L. Mikelle Standbridge… in or out of isolation.


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