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The Garden


by Lauren B. Taylor

My love, sponge brain of things psychedelic,

Lays lacksidaisicle with grunt mush ‘shrooms.

I pop goji like pennies angelic,

And watch as the root tombs and fruit boom blooms.

Paired, we emit glows of hazed honey gold,

Of Sundays after bacon after Cross,

After breaking loose through the starch stiff hold

Of the iron shut shirt that we down toss.

We feed each other laughs like grapes off vines,

Ourselves mirrored in the others brown eyes,

Meditate in silence to read our minds,

And allow our animal to arise.

        Then, the sun runs from pink to sink downhill.

         And Monday brings work and we tend the mill.

The spelling of “lacksidaisicle” is a typo of a misspelling that evolved into a willful act of spellcheck rebellion. Lauren decided the word should be written the way it sounds to her. 


Cutting “mushrooms” into two words emphasizes the arbitrary nature of iambic pentameter in a contemporary poem. 

Lauren believes beyond the wordplay and spirited nonsense this is a serious love poem written about her college boyfriend who later passed away. They met at the age of 16 in Barcelona and then “mysteriously” ended up at the same university. 


Reflecting on their young love, the poem specifically recalls the times they spent together on a specific hill overlooking the Hudson River in upstate New York. The change in tone in the final lines evokes a sense of dread. Is it just the end of the weekend bringing Monday’s work or the inevitability of reality descending on a youthful romance? 


Lauren B. Taylor is a filmmaker and poet based in Brooklyn.

Check out more of what Lauren is up to @heyuitsmelauren and her website.

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