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Rebirth Brass Band

The Rebirth Brass Band preserves and updates the traditional music of New Orleans, adding dashes of funk and hip-hop to the blaring jazz of trumpets, tubas and saxophones.

Rebirth Brass Band Second Line
Zulu Parade

Formed by members of a Tremé area school’s marching band in 1983, the Rebirth Brass Band has lived up to the promise of its name. Performing with the confident flair of a second line shutting down the city streets for a celebration, Rebirth Brass Band has infused new life into an important regional American genre. The group’s willingness to experiment with elements of funk, soul, R&B, hip-hop and rap in their music — at the risk of offending the old guard of New Orleans jazz — allowed a style that was essentially preserved in stone to evolve into the 21st century. At the same time, the Rebirth Brass Band’s sound remains deeply rooted in the culture of the city, even when the group’s songs venture into more profane territory.

Mardi Gras Indians
Treme Store

Over the years, the ensemble has featured a rotating lineup of talented musicians, from founding members Kermit Ruffins, an acclaimed jazz trumpeter in his own right, and the brothers Keith and Phillip Frazier to saxophonist Vincent Broussard and trombonist Glen David Andrews. The group performs originals like the signature number “Do Whatcha Wanna” along with arrangements of New Orleans standards and covers of popular songs by artists such as Rick James and Curtis Mayfield. 

Krewe of Muses
Po Boy Parade

The group’s resident Tuesday night gig at the Maple Leaf Bar has long been considered a staple of the New Orleans musical scene. Rebirth Brass Band’s unique style and cultural contributions played an important role in the city’s recovery after Hurricane Katrina. In addition to their regular performances in the community, the group also works with young musicians through the Roots of Music Foundation. Notable fans include Barack Obama, the TV writer David Simon (who prominently featured the group’s music in the show Tremé) and Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

-Gus Greene
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