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Rakeem Cunningham

Photographer for a Radical Generation

Los Angeles based photographer and visual artist Rakeem Cunningham creates eye-catching images to challenge conventional ideas about the intersection of race, gender, sexuality and love.

His unique style is marked by humor and visual flourish.

Rakeem’s work subverts aesthetic standards that often marginalize LGBTQIA individuals and people of color in terms of traditional ideals of beauty.

His portrait photography asks provocative questions about beauty as a social product,

playfully inserting more interesting faces and body types into romantic and alluring imagery.

In some of his most daring series of works, Rakeem thrusts himself into his own photographs, while also incorporating elements of painting, sculpture and other visual art forms to create unique mixed media works that allude to digital culture and social media memes.

In addition to photography, Rakeem also works in installation art and collage, proving that artistic labels can be just as confining as every other label.

With the conversation about how we construct our own identities evolving at a lightning pace,

Rakeem’s artistic voice will surely be among the most distinctive in the room.


Negro funhouse is a project designed to physically, spiritually, and artistically bring queer black men of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, skin tones, and experiences together to explore representations of blackness, humanity, and all of the intersections that occur between the two.

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  1. Marquis de Shade ( User Karma: 6 ) says:

    Rakeem’s work is funny cuz it’s true. Definitely made me think about what makes a person beautiful. And that dude on the red sheets is definitely gonna be in my dreams. Whether I like it or not!

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