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Movie Recommendations


Here are some suggestions from Max and friends, HV site members and our little team on What to WATCH during HOME STAY!

A few might be on our site but we’re also linking to services you might already have, a few free ones or providing links where to find them. 🎯

As to our choices…


However, like our patron saint Hieronymus Bosch, we view temptation as the road to endless tortures in the afterlife and prefer to see things differently.

Okay, we don’t actually believe the first part. 🤣

BUT don’t forget your good art flick fix too!  Spice things up. Its like Cajun Chicken Soup for the Soul. 


As we all reassess what’s meaningful in our lives, take this time to challenge your traditional viewing habits and see what’s out there in the wild. Or if you’ve watched your old favorites 25 times already and are desperate for new ideas, that’s cool too!

Enjoy all with short commentary on why we think they’re worth watching…and PLEASE tell us what you think!

These lists will be updated regularly

Movie Recs from Tyler

Upstream Color Sci-Fi / Drama It's rare a movie comes along that is so abstract it can have a different meaning for everyone who watches it. Have you ever been drawn to someone inexplicably even though you don't know them? This film attempts to answer that dilemma.

Much like Shane's prior work (Primer) it's not easy to grasp everything on a first watch. Combining several genres of film, Shane brings you into an alternate reality that's not so far fetched from our own.
Blue Velvet Mystery / Thriller Haunting, Erotic, Suspenseful, and just down right weird. Lynch once again shows is skill to build a world and show the viewer around in a way that seems all too lifelike. A surreal mystery flick thats a must watch for any fan of the genre! Cheap Thrills Black Comedy What happens when you turn David Koechner and Sara Paxton into a bloodthirsty couple that just want to play a game? Seriously don't sleep on this amazing genre mixing film!

Movie Recs from Shanghai Jim

An Inconvenient Truth Documentary In a global pandemic, it’s strangely comforting to remember climate change is still the greatest existential threat to humankind. For better or worse, this documentary is still as powerful and important as it was 15 years ago. Before the Flood Documentary Because, again, no matter how long we’re indoors, the rising sea levels are still the biggest problem in need of solving. Leonardo DiCaprio produces, narrates and stars in this documentary, which also features one of the best analyses of Bosch’s painting. The Spy Who
Came in From the Cold
Drama / Thriller British Agent Alec Leamas (Richard Burton) refuses to come in from the Cold War during the 1960s, choosing to face another mission, which may prove to be his final one.

Movie Recs from The Gardener

Climax Drama / Thriller A diverse group of French dancers find themselves under the influence and confined to a rehearsal warehouse during a blizzard. Imagine a visually stunning Tik Tok video spiraling out of control into a psychedelic drug fueled nightmare. Also John Waters' favorite movie of 2019! Dream Corp LLC Comedy A hybrid live action/rotoscope animation series about an unconventional therapist who literally explores his patients’ dreams to unlock their unconscious fears and neuroses. The genre mashup of Freudian surrealism, stoner comedy and offbeat sci-fi you never knew you needed. What Did Jack Do? Short / Comedy Speaking of dreams, David Lynch interrogates a monkey. In trademark Lynch fashion, it's alternately hilarious, terrifying and melancholy.

Movie Recs from Felix

My Dinner With Andre Biography / Comedy A minimalist masterpiece that shows how creative a film can be with just two people talking over dinner at a restaurant. Remember going out to dinner? Babylon Berlin Crime / Thriller Sex, drugs, crime and politics in the Weimar Republic draw eerie parallels with our modern times. It’s worth it to watch the greatest German TV show ever made with the subtitles, not the dubbing. Ruggles of Red Gap Comedy / Romance Leo McCarey’s Ruggles of Red Gap is an overlooked masterpiece of Depression-era Hollywood comedy. The third adaptation of the Harry Leon Wilson novel of the same name, McCarey’s 1935 version was the first to take advantage of the then recent advent of sound cinema.

Movie Recs from MAX

Felix the Cat: In Hollywood Cartoon / Comedy A very special edition of Felix the Cat.  Featuring cameos from various stars of the silver screen. Charlie Chaplin anyone? Take a trip to old Hollywood with this blast from the past. Man With a Movie Camera Documentary ...because why wouldn’t you be interested in a silent documentary with little to no story, dialogue, scenario and spectacle? Even with a title like "Man with a Movie Camera," Dziga Vertov’s film remains inventive and compelling to jaded media consumers like us. Simply filming a day in the life of pre-World War II, post-Revolution Russia, Vertov’s kino-eye assembly of images created the “man in the street” aesthetic through serial and collision editing.

Movie Recs from D U a N e

A Man Escaped Drama Robert Bresson’s detailed recreation of a daring Frenchman’s breakout from a Nazi jail focuses on the everyday details and minutia of a great escape. A cinematic survival guide for anyone feeling imprisoned right now. Cool Hand Luke Crime / Drama Fuck parking meters! Paul Newman’s Luke remains an iconic rebel to this day. His psychological battle with an authoritarian prison warden tells the story of the human spirit. Casablanca War Drama A cynical American expatriate struggles to decide whether or not he should help his former lover and her fugitive husband escape French Morocco.

Movie Recs from Gennie

American Movie Documentary Before there was Joe Exotic, there was Mark Borchardt, the oddball American dreamer who made a horror movie in his rural Wisconsin hometown. This is the movie about that movie. Everything you love about true story TV shows and podcasts in a poignant DIY documentary! Strangers with Candy Comedy A twisted parody of after-school specials from the brilliant minds of Amy Sedaris and Stephen Colbert, who also star. Learn all the wrong lessons in this show about a 46-year old “junkie whore” high school freshman. Spirited Away Animation / Adventure During her family's move to the suburbs, a sullen 10-year-old girl wanders into a world ruled by gods, witches, and spirits, and where humans are changed into beasts.

Movie Recs from Phil

The Passion of Darkly Noon Mystery / Thriller An imaginative Southern Gothic fairy tale about a sheltered Christian fanatic (Brendan Fraser), a sexy woods witch (Ashley Judd) and the depths of obsession. A cult favorite... in every sense of the word cult. The Platform Sci-Fi / Horror What do you get when you cross philosophical foreign art cinema with grindhouse sci-fi? This dystopian Spanish film turns an allegorical class struggle into a tense prisoner’s dilemma.

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