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Lauren B. Taylor

is an experimental filmmaker and writer based in Brooklyn.
Self Portrait
Skyline Winter
The words in October Montauk are inspired by the work of absurdist Soviet poet Daniil Kharms.
Lauren recorded the footage during a Montauk thunderstorm in August but waited until October to compose the piece.
Chair Light
Cloudy Sky
Her work explores the intersection between film, poetry and music.
Train uses a music term called Granular Synthesis which is a basic sound synthesis method that operates on the microsound time scale and uses clips of that scale, otherwise known as grains, to create patterns in order to manipulate the original sound.
Lauren applied the music technique to video and this is what happened. It's one of her personal favorites.
Her influences range from the video artist Ryan Trecartin to the avant-garde writer Kharms to the Williams Shakespeare and Wordsworth.
Lauren recorded these shots at a swimming pool in Hawaii, then sat on the footage for a few years before cutting this piece together. She also wrote and recorded the music on her electric autoharp.
Lauren also created and edited the literary 'zine Bound.

For more information about Lauren, see her stuff at @heyuitsmelauren and her website.

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