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James Fields

is a Director, Cinematographer and Editor, based in Los Angeles.

Filmmaker James Fields got his start as a documentarian in 2000 with his debut film “Business Unusual”, a documentary chronicling the protests outside the Democratic National Convention that year in downtown Los Angeles. That experience opened his eyes to the power of motion pictures and visual storytelling. It wasn’t long before he and producer Enzo Mileti embarked on his next project, the documentary film “Pipe Dreams”, an official selection of the 2003 Sundance Film Festival.

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JDF Rally

Having grown up in Utah and graduated from Park City High School, the Sundance Film Festival and Independent Filmmaking had always been in the background of his youth. Every January in Park City brought new and exciting stories to the big screen. That’s where the storytelling seed was first planted in James’s head. But even before that, there were his early years of Cinema, where he found himself getting lost in stories from Star Wars (his first theater experience) to The Right Stuff and Pulp Fiction. He knew what he wanted to do, he just needed to get to Hollywood…


When James moved to Los Angeles in 1996, the bright lights of Hollywood shined straight into his unsuspecting eyes. It would’ve been easy to fall into that world and wake up 10 years later wondering where had the time gone. It wasn’t long before he saw through the allure of fame and stardom.

His first crew job was on Director Paul Feig’s directorial debut on his film Life Sold Separately, in the summer of 1997. From there, James realized there was so much more to learn about visual storytelling. A new world had opened up and the path was clear…at least the first hundred yards where clear. But if you know anything about Hollywood and the movie industry, you know that road bumps and obstacles are an everyday occurrence.

James on PX
James Steadicam Living room smaller

Over the years, James worked in nearly every capacity on a film crew, cutting his teeth as a grip/electrician and camera assistant. Gaining a complete knowledge of the inner workings of a film crew gave him the insight he needed to move forward and create his own narrative stories. While small and independent, these feature length and short films helped push his filmmaking abilities forward. Eventually he landed with Modern Media Company in L.A. and from there his work veered toward online storytelling. In the ever-changing world of digital media, James is working to find new ways for independent storytellers to have a larger audience and voice.

James was the Cinematographer and Editor on the Hieronyvision web series, Porn. (aka, That Censored Show)


Moving forward, James and Hieronyvision are continuing to champion the indie filmmaker. With new web series currently in various phases of production, he continues to tell stories that are important to him, and hopefully to a greater audience.

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