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George Grie

Although he considers art his secondary pursuit, Russian born Canadian painter George Grie is among the pioneers in digital art.

Doestoevsky Crime and Punishment, 2006
Arrested Expansion, 2007

Grie, whose day job is with IBM, has used technological rendering software to create evocative two-dimensional and three-dimensional images that transform subconscious ideas into fantastical visions.

The Immortals Society, 2007
The way out or Suicidal ideation, 2007

He describes his primary style as neo-surrealism, yet his work also features intriguing forays into pop art with pieces that raise questions about national and artistic identity.

The Union of Earth and Coca Cola, P.Rubens. 2006
Flying Dutchman, 2006

Grie’s career demonstrates how outsider art can find a niche in the internet mediascape and challenge outdated stereotypes of what an artist, or art itself, can be. His work also highlights the paradox of high definition imaging software, which he uses to create scenes that mimic reality in extraordinary depth and detail but, at the same time, cannot possibly be real.

Going Towards the Light, 2007
Final Frontier Voyage, 2006

As technology pushes the boundaries of what humans perceive in their everyday life, Grie shows how new media formats can enhance rather than hinder the imagination.


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All images by George Grie in the public domain.

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