Freak with Beard
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This sculpture adaptation replica, Freak with Beard Statue, from Bosch’s Last Judgement appears in the middle panel of the triptych. It shows a ‘rillo’ with beard, a freak with merely a head and legs. Bosch has extended his interpretation of a ‘rillo’ by adding the tail of a reptile. He looks with a frightened expression at the mincer, where sinners are put through on Judgement Day. It is an astounding creation in 3D of Bosch’s 2D figure from the Northern Renaissance. ABOUT THE ARTWORK: THE LAST JUDGEMENT Hieronymus Bosch warns us against the consequences of a life of sin. The downfall of the rebellious angels on the left panel heralds the beginning of the end. Further, one sees the chosen few in heaven, with below them the vast remainder who will have to undergo the most horrendous tortures on Judgment Day. Saint Jacob of Compostella and the ‘Holy Bavo’ adorn the closed panels. These fantastic and biblical sculptures from Renaissance master Jheronymus Bosch are amazing statue adaptations from historic paintings. They have a hellish and demonic surrealism to them that feels apocalyptic.


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