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Bob the Butler

Bob is a butler. Sorta. More importantly, he’s played by Tom Green. Remember Tom Green? Bob’s a good enough guy who can’t hold a steady job until he finds the listing for a butler school in the phonebook. Remember phonebooks? They were printed versions for what you do every time you look up a phone number on the internet. When single boss mom Anne (Brooke Shields) hires Bob to take care of her home, she might be making the biggest mistake of her life… but we’re guessing she saves her family and finds that perfect work/life balance.

Drink Like You're Tom F***ing Green


This movie is best viewed with friends (now remotely 😉) and booze. Once you have procured viewing companions (on your conferencing app or social media) and spirits, break up into two groups and follow the rules.**

If you’re on team Tom, you’re drinking crappy beers. The crappier the better. None of this freshly hopped or barrel aged craft beer nonsense. Bonus points for Canadian classics like Molson or Labatt. If you can get your hands on The Tom Green Beer, you’ve already won. 


Team Tom drinks whenever Tom Green:


  • Falls down
  • Breaks something
  • Has more sexual chemistry with Rascal the Hamster than Brooke Shields
  • Says something mildly inappropriate like bum
  • Refers to one of his B-letter jobs
  • Refers to one of his A-letter jobs (x2)
  • Knows someone from one of his A or B letter jobs (x3)
  • Uses an unlikely skill or talent from one of his A or B letter jobs
  • Uses an unlikely skill or talent that’s not from an A or B letter job but serves as a crucial plot point in the movie
  • Rides his motorcycle and side car
  • Sings or raps (x4)

If you’re on team Brooke, you drink wine. Or if you’re competitive with Team Tom, up the ante with a two-ingredient mixer like a cosmo, greyhound, screwdriver, gin and tonic, etc. If you’re a total badass, drink straight up Jameson for her character’s name..


Team Brooke drinks whenever Brooke Shields:


  • Silently expresses her disapproval of Tom’s antics
  • Verbally expresses her disapproval of Tom’s antics (x2)
  • Can’t find that work/life balance
  • Is exasperated by her kids
  • Does something seriously OCD
  • Second guesses her decision to hire Tom Green
  • Second guesses her decision to appear in this movie (x4)
  • Somewhat ironically disapproves of her young daughter’s sexy clothes
  • Un-ironically approves of her daughter’s sexy clothes (x2)
  • Is told she looks really good for her age (x3)
  • Cries like a hysterical monster for no apparent reason (x4)

Finally, it’s a social, i.e. all players drink, whenever any of the following happens:

  • There’s an awkward sexual joke or content involving one of the child actors
  • A dated racial, ethnic, or homophobic joke reminds you this is a Tom Green/Brooke Shields movie from 2005
  • The word butler is spoken by any of the characters
  • Food causes an explosion and earthquake despite everything we know about science
  • Any character uses the over-sized body drier chamber or misuses the bidet
  • A scene abruptly ends at least one minute too soon…
  • … and then jump cuts to another scene that logically depended on information cut from the previous scene
  • A movie that’s filmed in Canada by a British director overcompensates to seem American
  • The producers paid too much money for a song everyone knows…
  • …and then had to use a mid-2000’s era .midi version of a public domain piece
  • The movie ran out of money for a real set
  • Lastly, if/when Tom Green and Brooke Shields make out, everyone finishes their drinks and pours another one. We don’t care if the movie is over. You’re going to want to drink more.


If you choose the enhanced viewing experience via the drinking game, we urge you to drink responsibly and stay home! In other words, even if you choose to consume alcohol like a Tom Green-esque (fill-in-the-blank), please do not do so excessively. DON’T drive! DON’T leave home! If you choose to call your mom or your S/O (girlfriend/boyfriend to non-millennials), that’s on you! Remember, it’s most important to stay HEALTHY right now! Feel free to substitute other beverages or substances as you see fit to your viewing needs… as long as you do so responsibly!  

Behind the Scenes

Director: Gary Sinyor

Mr. Tom Green

Brooke Shields

Simon Callow (Mr. Butler)

Genevieve Buechner (Tess Jamieson)

Today, Tom Green could be classified as something of an outsider artist. In the mid-1990’s, he created an offbeat sketch comedy and reality prank show for Canadian public access TV. The show was actually pretty groundbreaking, a forerunner of weirdo comedy acts like The Eric Andre Show and the shock value of Jackass or every prank video on YouTube. For a few years around the turn of the century, Green was a superstar with a wildly successful cable TV show and roles in major movies. Bob The Butler is not one of those films. Green’s comedy skewed into the bizarre and dirty, but this movie originally aired in the US on the Disney Channel. Brooke Shields, on the other hand, is an actress whose striking looks as a young teenager made her a star of arthouse films and sensual romances before she went to Princeton and became a reliable sitcom lead and working actress. This type of pairing would feel more natural in a John Waters film, as opposed to a family friendly Canadian/British comedy. Bob the Butler is a unique cultural artifact, a strange amalgam of careers and genres and production incentives that could only have happened in 2005. You can watch it with kids and everyone will be mildly perplexed and entertained at the same time, even if you're laughing at different moments. But the movie is even better if you…

Tom Green’s rap song “My Name Is Bob” was produced by Mike Simpson of the Dust Brothers, who produced albums for Beck and the Beastie Boys and did the original score for Fight Club.

Rascal the Hamster was played by three performers: Speedy, Stunt Boy, and Happy. Their whereabouts today are unknown.

Originally released in an edited version on the Disney Channel. The drinking game was not part of this release.


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