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ONE 1.bio 2.reel 3.influences Bio Leah Grosjean is a professional actress, dancer and choreographer residing in Los Angeles, California. Growing up at the Jersey Shore with a conventional background but an unconventional spirit has propelled her to be the artist she is today.

She moved to Los Angeles in 2015 to study at Studio School Los Angeles to attain her BFA in Commercial Dance. Through this program she discovered her passion for acting. Her philosophy behind her creativity is her drive to be not just one thing, but a million things all at once. Her dance credits include starring in several short films, choreographing a music video for Transviolet entitled “Nightvision,” dancing in Cat Cogliandro’s catastrophe! company in various performances such as Carnival, the Edge Performing Arts Showcase and Club Jeté, dancing in music videos including “Civil War Mix” choreographed by Giana Forgione and Duelle’s “Louder” music video.

While continuing to audition for acting and dance, Leah teaches the younger generation of dancers, instilling in them the lessons she has learned whilst moving to Los Angeles.
TWO 1.bio 2.reel 3.Influences Reel FOUR 1.bio 2.Reel 3.influences Influences • Self-growth and discovery; acknowledging our shadow selves and bringing it into the stories I tell.

• I look up to choreographers like Ryan Heffington, Megan Lawson, and Cat Cogliandro. I’ve learned from their work the key to physical storytelling and that is telling the truth. To dance is to act and to act is to tell the truth, plain and simple.

• I find history to be fascinating; world history, family history, etc. The idea that everything that has happened has created what is will forever blow my mind.

• I find inspiration in literature and music. Music comes first in my creative process, always.

• I also love cooking, baking, making things look aesthetically pleasing, and living life baby!


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