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A young boy, Duffy, watches helplessly as his father drinks himself to death, prompting him to vow that he will never, ever, be like his father. But, when Duffy is a young man, he has become exactly like his father, and desperately struggles to find a way to a life worth living.This gripping memoir, an intimate journey, from the perils of trying to survive in an insanely dysfunctional home, to becoming a drunken, drug-addled tornado, blowing through the lives of others, while laying waste to his own, finally lands Duffy in AA, where life gets really crazy, as he faces two choices; wind up like his failed father, or become his own man.There are 107 million alcoholics in the world, and countless family members and friends who love them, and fear for them. This book, told with compassion and humor, offers help and encouragement.


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