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Love and Sex

Theme One

Hieronyvision’s first major release focuses on “Love and Sex” as the major idea. In the same way that traditional magazines might release a theme issue or TV networks might program a week of shows about a topic, our unique little website has curated content related to “Love and Sex” throughout the different sections. Sometimes, this is obvious. For instance, the documentary series The Love & Sex Project pretty clearly deals with this issue — in fact, it was the major inspiration for this theme. Sometimes, one part of it is obvious. The original drama PORN: A SERIES may seem oriented towards sex, but we think it also has a lot to say about love in a world of widely available internet pornography. Sometimes, it may be a little more obscure. What do feature comedies like The Failures or Gigantic reflect about the theme? How does a contemporary update of a Japanese folk tale or a poem by Edgar Allan Poe drive the conversation forward?


Hieronyvision will focus on a different theme in every release. Check back frequently for updates to the current issue or for information on the next big idea. Our aim is to contribute to a larger conversation that goes beyond the borders of our site. That means we want to hear from you!

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