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The Love & Sex Project
Series Overview

A multimedia documentary series years in the making, The Love & Sex Project (LSP) explores the evolving nature of romantic relationships and sexual intimacy. The series takes advantage of multiple platforms, with original content posted on the Hieronyvision site and more interactive material on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and other social media.


From polyamory to pansexuality, the rapid pace of social and cultural change has brought old taboos about forbidden love and kinky sex into the mainstream discourse. 



Because let’s face it… we’re all thinking about this stuff all the time.

The goal of this series is to enhance the debate about relationships and sexuality, allowing users to share their own personal experiences and views. 


The series examines the link between love and sex from different angles and attempts to answer some pressing questions.

For example, is love just another outdated format in the age of digital matchmaking? Has a booming internet porn industry made our sex lives better or worse? Most important of all, can we ever strike a perfect balance between our two most human needs?

Is Modern Love Dead?
LSP Episode 1


Nina on Sex Ed
LSP Episode 2


Bree Daniels
LSP Episode 6


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What does the future hold?

We want your stories! Hieronyvision’s launch explores the topic of LOVE & SEX. Our multi-platform documentary series looks at how relationships and sexuality have undergone massive changes in the 21st century. We’re telling stories we think are interesting or personal to the creators, but there’s so much more we haven’t been able to cover. That’s where you come in. Send us your original videos or user-generated content and we might include it in our series. Got a vlog about your experiences with online dating? Great! Have you been wanting to make an experimental video about the history of sexuality? Awesome! Watch our early episodes in the series to get an idea of what it’s about. Then check out the FAQs for more guidelines and licensing terms. We’re building a new community of storytellers, and we are excited for you to be a part of it.

If we're not undergoing a sexual revolution now, we soon will be. Historically, sexual revolutions have occurred in times of great social upheaval and disruption. The insane pace of technology and the aftermath of a destabilizing economic crisis arguably set the stage for sweeping change in sexual conventions. Attitudes about homosexuality, sexual fluidity and gender identity have noticeably shifted, especially among younger generations. The changing conceptions about sexual harassment and sexual assault have also created a new atmosphere in which men and women reexamine their traditional roles. All of this suggests that we are in the middle of a sexual revolution, whether or not we choose to be aware of this fact.

What about those other historical sexual revolutions? The most famous began in the 1960's and continued through the 1980's. Before that, most historian point to the aftermath of World War I and the 1920's as a time when attitudes towards sex, particularly how women presented their own sexuality, changed dramatically. Going further back into history, the philosophy of the Enlightenment criticized traditional religious authorities and challenged humans to reexamine their ideas about morality, including (but not necessarily preoccupied with) sex. However, while publicly stated attitudes towards sex and sexuality may have veered towards repression and religious authority, a longer view of history suggests that sexual revolutions may actually be the rule, not the exception. Greek and Roman sexual practices were famously open, especially towards sexual preference. Even the Medieval period may have been more freewheeling than we imagine, as any reader of Chaucer or Boccaccio would point out.


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    OMG just got to watch mine and Giggles interview wow that was very very cool I am so happy that we where able to do that with you guys, 🤗🤗🤗👍👍👍🥇🥇🥇I would never have thought that our opinions and thought would ever go much past our close circle. Hieronyvision thank you for letting us share our thoughts and ideas. I hope that others see us and feel empowered to stand up and talk about sex as freely. And huge hugs to Elena Koshka who was huge keystone in this for us

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